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 Ryunosuke Akutagawa

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Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Alter: 20 Jahre
Geburtstag: 1.März
Haarfarbe: schwarz mit weißen Spitzen vorne
Augenfarbe: dunkles Grau
Klamotten: weißes Hemd, weiße Kravatte, schwarze Hose, Schuhe und Mantel
Größe: 181 cm
Gewicht: 67 kg


Eltern: unbekannt
Geschwister: Gin Akutagawa
Freunde: keine so wirklich
Zugehörigkeit: Port Mafia

Besonderheiten, Gewohnheiten

Hobbys: andere wie Dreck behandeln, Feigen essen, einfach durch die Gegend streifen
Angewohnheiten: ist von seinem Wunsch von Dazai respektiert zu werden sehr eingenommen
Fähigkeit: Rashomon
Mag: Tee, Antike Gemälde, Feigen
Mag nicht: Hunde, Pflanzen, Bäder,

Akutagawa has a black and white Social Darwinist view of the world, and claims that weak people should die and give way to the stronger ones. He is not afraid of pain and defeat, if only to hear a word from a "certain person". His ruthless, vicious nature makes him one of the Port Mafia's most dangerous members, feared by both ally and foe. Much of the obedience he receives from subordinates of Black Lizard largely stems from fear of his short temper and general intolerance of incompetence.
Self-titled the Port Mafia's "dog", Akutagawa depicts an acute willingness to commit violent crimes to further not only the mafia's goals, but his own agenda. Merciless and blunt, Akutagawa doesn't discriminate when it comes to his targets, having no qualms killing anyone from innocent civilians, children, and enemies alike. Hostile as he is towards the weak, he dislikes meaningless torture and prefers killing in one go whenever possible.
As violent as he is, Akutagawa maintains a generally composed and detached approach. Towards subordinates and superiors alike, he acts aloof, distancing himself from social interactions however possible. Nonetheless, his composure is fragile. In instances such as Higuchi's screw-up during the manhunt for Atsushi Nakajima, Akutagawa is quick to lash out, ridiculing her for risking the bounty by acting recklessly. This quick temper often gets in his way, fueling his actions to the core of his very being.
The centre of this anger stems from his past as an orphan in the harsh slums of Yokohama. Since childhood, Akutagawa's grim outlook never changed. The only thing that changed was meeting Dazai when he was 14, already willing to kill a group of illegal traders responsible for murdering his companions. This meeting with Dazai ends in a pivotal change in Akutagawa - respect for someone. Even after undergoing Dazai's extreme and horrific training, Akutagawa never wavers from his own philosophy, starkly against adopting Dazai's value of information over simply getting rid of the mafia's enemies. Having only heard Dazai's berating, learning of Dazai's high opinion of Sakunosuke Oda damages Akutagawa on a deep level, feeling insulted he is thought of as lower than someone who refuses to kill in the mafia. Dazai's defection deepens the damage, leaving a permanent, lingering sense of inferiority in Akutagawa's mind no matter what he accomplished in the mafia. Although still striving for Dazai's approval, Akutagawa nonetheless views Dazai's current disposition a disgrace to the bloodstained reputation he carved into the Port Mafia's history.
Akutagawa's desire for Dazai's approval inevitably leads to an intense resentment towards Dazai's new "student", Atsushi. First meeting Atsushi when he's weak, easily scared, and freezes in the face of violence, Akutagawa dismisses Atsushi as nothing more than another weak person destined to die for the sake of those stronger than him. Although Atsushi's tiger transformation momentarily gives him a rush, Akutagawa nonetheless sees nothing special in Atsushi. His opinion of Atsushi worsens when Dazai boasts about him, simultaneously insulting Akutagawa's worth as Dazai's former pupil. For much of the time, Akutagawa cannot understand the value others put in Atsushi, and vice versa. Atsushi is a walking paradox to Akutagawa - weak, but acting stronger than he actually is for a place in the world and permission to live, despite being so valued by others. This conflicts deeply with Akutagawa's self-perception. Others see him as powerful, but Akutagawa doesn't acknowledge his strength as a result of his upbringing and own philosophy. This leads to a repeating hypocrisy of condemning Atsushi for attempting to get everyone's approval when Akutagawa himself acts almost entirely for Dazai's approval.
This rivalry eats at the two for much of the time, however, Aktuagawa eventually comes to something of an understanding of Atsushi. His resentment still fresh, and a never-ending willingness to kill Atsushi for his own sake, at the least mingles with some form of respect towards Atsushi. This shows most notably when Atsushi struggles to come to terms with the death of the orphanage headmaster. Although it is the perfect time to off Atsushi, Akutagawa refrains from doing so, saying he'll leave him alone to deal with the pain of losing his mentor. He also develops an adept understanding of Beast Beneath the Moonlight, aiding both of them when fighting together against Fitzgerald and Ivan.
For all his rage, bitterness, and resentment towards humanity and the world itself, Akutagawa has his moments. He has an amicable relationship with his younger sister, Gin, going as far as to help and do her favours without complaint. Further, after Higuchi and Black Lizard save him from a rival group, Akutagawa apologises to Higuchi for the trouble. Although these are small, short moments of Akutagawa's calmer, earnest side, they nonetheless carry weight. It's evident Akutagawa rarely or never lies, making him honest, even if it's brutal and unnecessary majority of the time.

(An -)Triebe

Motivation: "The weak will die. Die, and make way for others."
Ziele: Dazais Anerkennung bekommen
Wünsche: sein Ziel erreichen
Neid: andere die Dazai respektiert
Ängste: sein Ziel erreichen


Vergangenheit: He and his younger sister, Gin Akutagawa, were orphans and used to live in the slums along with about eight other children. At the mercy of the slums and its disgusting air, Akutagawa's lungs suffered as a result, ending in his poor health.
The other children happened to overhear a conversation regarding the time and location of a shipment the Port Mafia was supposed to deliver to low-level subordinates. The men knew about this and sought out the children, beating everyone but Gin and Akutagawa, who managed to escape, to death.
Following through a promise made with his companions, Akutagawa went to the place where the transaction was said to take place in order to exact revenge on the men who killed his companions. When he reached the place, the six men were all dead by Dazai's order—as a gift to Akutagawa who he wanted to take on as his subordinate. He offered either entry as his student, or to give Akutagawa and his sister enough money that they never had to worry about poverty again. In a fit of rage and grief, Akutagawa joined Port Mafia, overcome by a foreign sense of respect he felt towards Dazai..
Akutagawa suffers under Dazai's mentoring, constantly criticised for his lack of variety in using his ability and rash impulses. Nonetheless, Akutagawa rarely, if ever, actually changes the way he operates even when faced with Dazai's Spartan training and punishments. During the Port Mafia's war with Mimic, Akutagawa admits to killing captured soldiers. Dazai ridicules his constant tendency to resort to killing instead of getting information on the enemy. Akutagawa tries to argue, but Dazai punches him in the face hard enough to make him collapse and cough blood. Dazai 'apologises' for giving the impression he wanted excuses, and continues to berate his careless use of his ability.
Dazai coldly shoots him three times, but at the last second, Akutagawa develops his shield technique for the first time, saving his life. However, Dazai warns him the next time he fails, Dazai will punch him twice, and shoot him five times. To him, there's nothing wrong with killing subordinates who do their job - he isn't as righteous as Sakunosuke Oda. Akutagawa recognises the name as a man Dazai is friends with, and questions why Dazai befriended such a weak man. Much to Akutagawa's shock, Dazai claims Oda is much stronger than anyone in the room.
Later tasked with confronting Mimic, Akutagawa faces their leader, who nearly kills him until Oda saves his life. Not the least bit grateful, Akutagawa tries to kill him, desperate for Dazai's approval which Oda received so easily, forcing Oda to knock him unconscious.
When Dazai leaves the mafia after Oda's death, Akutagawa loses it, chasing after every surviving Mimic soldier he finds, determined to make Dazai acknowledge him.
Two years after Dazai joins the Armed Detective Agency, Akutagawa faces against Doppo Kunikida in an attack during the Agency's investigation of the Azure Messenger case. In the battle, Kunikida outwits Akutagawa by electrocuting him with a broken water pipe and taser.

We danced in the snow
Of a crystal December
In the dying of our souls
Our bodies were the only answer
Drunken survivors
Of a Christian nation
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Ryunosuke Akutagawa
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