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Dazai Osamu

Alter: 22 Jahre
Geburtstag: 19. Juni
Haarfarbe: kurze braune Haare
Augenfarbe: dunkelbraun
Klamotten: weißes Hemd, schwarze Anzugsweste, gestreifte Krawatte, sandfarbener Trenchcoat; weiße Hose, schwarze Schuhe, Bandagen an den Armen
Größe: 181 cm
Gewicht: 67 kg


Eltern: unbekannt
Geschwister: keine
Freunde: auf einer schrägen Art und Weise die Mitglieder der ADC
Zugehörigkeit: Port Mafia (ehemals) Armed Detectiv Company (aktuell)

Besonderheiten, Gewohnheiten

Hobbys: Bücher über Suizid lesen, den Clown spielen da er dann eher nicht ernstzunehmen ist, etc.
Angewohnheiten: will den perfekten Selbsmord begehen
Fähigkeit: No longer Human ~> kann mit einer Berührung die Fähigkeiten anderer annulieren
Mag: Selbstmorde; Krebse; Sake, MSG
Mag nicht: Chuuya, Hunde

Dazai is a mysterious person, his true intentions are never revealed unless he himself reveals them. The person who got closest to the truth of his personality, as acknowledged by Dazai himself, was his friend Sakunosuke Oda, who said to him, "it can't be found. (...) You should know this yourself. No matter whether you're on the side of killing people or saving people, there will never be anything that can surpass your mind. There is no place in this world that can fill your loneliness. You will linger in the darkness forever."

Dazai is usually called lazy as Kunikida always scolds him for being unproductive and slacking off. Despite that, he has shown a sharp wit, deducing all the unlikely situations that led Atsushi to believe he was being stalked by a tiger when he actually was the tiger in question. He has complete confidence no matter what type of situation he is dealing with, be it combat or simply bad situations he himself created in the first place. In most occasions, Dazai is overly dramatic, he takes most of his actions as a joke, and, although they are very thought out plans, he does not credit himself for most of what he has done.

Aside from his quick thinking, Dazai is the comic relief in the series and at times Dazai's soft side can be seen.

He is a suicide maniac, often trying to commit suicide in comical manners but often times failing. He, in particular, wishes to commit a double suicide with a beautiful woman (a nod to his real life counterpart who tried to commit double suicide with various women multiple times). However, while his suicidal tendencies are initially comedic, they reveal a truly dark deep hole that Dazai has and believes he cannot fill. He believed he could fill this hole and find a reason worth living for if he lived a life of bloodshed and war, but his friend Oda with his dying breath convinced him to choose the good side. He understood that even though good and evil mean little to Dazai, he may become a slightly better person if he were to choose good.

In the past, while he was still suicidal, it was shown to be far less comedic. He even described death as a way to free himself from the oxidizing world but strangely enough, he could not die no matter how hard he tried. In addition, he was extremely brutal and methodical, setting up traps to catch captives alive to torture the of information and often beat Akutagawa for disobeying orders and in order to push him to the limits to improve his abilities. He was extremely confident and was a terrific planner, coming up with long run strategies to subdue his enemies. Oda once noted that there was a saying in the Mafia that the worst thing for Dazai's enemies was the fact they were his enemies.

While in the present he is more lighthearted and comical, he still retains some of his darker personality. He is still able and proficient at coming up with long run strategies though doesn't inform his teammates what they are until the time is right. In addition, he is willing to use dirty means to achieve his goals, such as purposely deflating Ango's car seat airbag when they crashed so Ango would have numerous broken injuries. This forced Ango to cooperate with Dazai for pardoning Kyouka in exchange for having his wounds healed. When Kyouka shows remorse over having killed 35 people, Dazai remarks with a sinister face that something like that is nothing. Nonetheless, he does care for his teammates and watches out for them, especially Atsushi for whom he sees the greatest potential.

(An -)Triebe

Motivation: "Success is harder than failure for many things in this world, right? (...) That means I shouldn't place suicide as my goal, but rather, attempted suicide! It may be harder to succeed at suicide, but to fail at attempted suicide should be easier!"
Ziele: den perfekten Selbsmord mit der liebe seines Lebens begehen
Wünsche: sein Ziel erreichen
Neid: anderen den Selbstmord einfach gelingt
Ängste: keine



Dazai, Chūya 15 Years Old

Ōgai Mori met Osamu Dazai at 14 years old when he took him in as a patient who had recently attempted suicide. On the same night, Mori murdered the dying former Boss of the Port Mafia whose only aim at that time was more death and destruction with a young Dazai as his only witness. He then told Dazai the cover story: that the Boss died of a serious illness and that his dying wish was for Mori to succeed him.

Dazai eventually developed a casual relationship with Mori who took him in as a ward. Though the young Dazai was not yet part of the Mafia, Mori had intentions to raise him as his right hand man. During this time, Dazai continued to attempt suicide much to Mori's chagrin. Originally believing them to be "in the same boat", Mori quickly learned he was mistaken when he discovered the young boy was far darker and wiser than he believed.

He and Chūya used to be partners during his days in the Mafia, and together—after they had decimated the entirety of an enemy organization in one night—they became notoriously dubbed as the "Criminal Underworld's Worst Enemy", earning the title Double Black (双黒, Sōkoku).

Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era

During the events of Dark Era, Dazai was one of the five Port Mafia Executives. He was the youngest person to become an executive in Port Mafia history (being considered as an executive before he was even) , and a living legend within the mafia as well—to the extent that there is a saying going around the mafia: "The misfortune of Dazai's enemies is to have Dazai as their enemy". In the years he was an Executive, roughly half of the mafia's overall profits could be solely attributed to him, to the extent that Ougai Mori mentioned that, "Given another four or five years, I wouldn't be surprised if Dazai killed me and took over my position." He was also a specialist at torturing people for information, claiming to Kouyou Ozaki that, "There hasn't been a single prisoner who hasn't spilled everything under my interrogation.". He even gave Akutagawa spartan training in using his Ability, and was the one who gave Akutagawa the idea of cutting space to shield himself.

The trigger for Dazai leaving the mafia was his old friend Oda Sakunosuke, a low-ranked mafia member—who was killed in the conflict between Port Mafia and Mimic, orchestrated by Ougai Mori to obtain an official license from the government: proof of the government expressing silent consent of the Port Mafia's existence and its activities as an organization. Already distraught from the knowledge that Ougai intentionally drove Oda Sakunosuke into a suicidal attack against the enemy commander, Dazai took Oda's last words to heart—"I know it makes no difference to you, but please become a good human being. Save the weak, protect the orphaned. I suppose you don't care for either justice or evil...but striving to be a better person is a wonderful thing"—and decided to leave the mafia. He was 18 years old.

It is stated by Akutagawa that, during a mission, he suddenly aborted it and supposedly, defected from the Mafia. Dazai later tracked down Taneda Santouka, who was the acting commander for the Japanese ministry's Special Abilities Division and requested to work in a place where he can help people. Taneda initially thought that Dazai wanted a position in the Special Abilities Division, and so expressed hesitancy, but Dazai said that he does not do well in a place with too many rules. Taneda then recommended the Armed Detective Company to Dazai, on the condition that he'll need at least two years laying low to cleanse his past. Later, it was his friend, Ango Sakaguchi who assisted him with that. It is unknown what he was doing during those two years, but it is mentioned by Dazai himself (though the extent of the truth of the matter is unknown) that before meeting the Armed Detective Company, he was an unemployed and unmotivated and drunk in a bar that he used to frequent

At the age of 20, he joined the Armed Detective Company under recommendation from Chief Taneda of the Ministry of Internal Affair's Special Ability Department, and—as a newbie—was entrusted by Fukuzawa Yukichi to Doppo Kunikida, along with administering his entrance exam. Shortly after, they were both assigned to work on the Serial Disappearance of Yokohama's Visitors Case, which Kunikida decided to be Dazai's entrance exam.

We danced in the snow
Of a crystal December
In the dying of our souls
Our bodies were the only answer
Drunken survivors
Of a Christian nation
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Dazai Osamu
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