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Kishou Arima

Alter: 33 Jahre alt
Rasse: Halb Mensch
Geschlecht: männlich
Körperhaltung: aufrecht und erhaben
Auffälligkeiten (Narben, Behinderung, Tatoos etc.): weiße Haare, weiße Klamotten
- Größe: 180 cm
- Gewicht: 82 kg
- Statur: schlank, groß, männlich


- Partner: //
- Eltern: Tsuneyoshi Washuu (Vater) Mutter unbekannt
- Geschwister:Kichimura Washuu, Rize Kamishiro, Yoshitoki Washuu †
Freunde: keine so wirklich
Bekannte: andere CCG Investigators, Ghoule
Wohnort: Tokyo
Vereine/Mitglied von: CCG Member
Wohnung/Haus: unbekannt
Ansehen/Ruf: CCG's Reaper, Undefeated Ghoul Investigator, White Reaper,Jack, One-Eyed King

Besonderheiten, Gewohnheiten

Hobbys: er spielt gerne Schach und verbringt seine Freizeit damit, mehr über Ghoule zu erfahren
(schlechte) Angewohnheiten: lässt keinen an sich heran

Half-Human Physiology: Being a failed half-ghoul, Arima was granted increased physical abilities at the cost of a shortened life span.

Superhuman Agility: Arima was capable of dodging Kaneki's enormously destructive and rapid attacks, suffering a small cheek wound after the blow, after slaughtering a large amount of fleeing ghouls underground. During his life, he repelled both Yoshimura and Eto. His reflexes are sufficient enough to deflect a barrage of ukaku shards shot by Ayato Kirishima, block Touka's projectiles and parry Yomo's attacks at close-range. He was also able to easily outmaneuver Shachi's attacks, and counter the martial artist's movements. His speed is fast enough that he is able to keep up with Kaneki at his Half kakuja state at Cochlea arc and is able to dodge all of Kaneki's attacks.

Keen Intellect: Arima is shown to be very deductive throughout the series. As a teenager, he easily memorized all the formulas in the math textbook and managed to deduce Uruka Minami as a ghoul with a single piece of evidence. As an adult, Arima secretly uncovered the identity of the "One-Eyed Owl" as Eto Yoshimura and deduced the identity of Ken Kaneki when the two first battle at the end of the original series.
Master Swordsman: Having extraordinary skill with his quinque, Arima could quickly block projectiles and easily slice through a ghoul's kakuja.

Yukimura 1/3: A koukaku-type quinque that takes the form of a sword consisting of a long, thin blade without a guard. This quinque was used during Arima's early days as an investigator.

IXA: A koukaku-type quinque that takes the form of a lance attached to a gun-sword handle with a spiked pommel. It is able to change form into a shield that is capable of blocking potent attacks coming towards Arima. It is also capable of changing into a secondary offensive form that changes the shape of the quinque into several tentacles which can home and pierce any enemy of Arima's choosing.

Narukami: An ukaku-type quinque that takes the form of four satellite panels attached to a rapier handle. The quinque can shoot condensed Rc cells like lightning that can home towards a target of Arima's choosing. It also has the ability to combine the panels into a single rapier blade sharp enough to slice through the One-Eyed Owl.
Owl: Ripped out of the One-eyed Owl thirteen years ago, this quinque is an SSS-rated ukaku-type that takes the form of an elongated large blade with a long hilt. Being an ukaku quinque, Owl can shoot out concentrated Rc cell projectiles of various sizes. Furthermore, Owl's blade can be released and materialized remotely to launch an attack on a target from an unexpected location.

Phobien: //
hervorstechender Charakterzug:
Arima was shown to have a very calm personality, he remained unperturbed and composed even when surrounded by several ghouls or facing the monstrous One-Eyed Owl. He was also an overly strict mentor, as seen when he reprimanded Hirako for being off on his attack by 0.1 seconds. As a teenager, Arima exerted the same personality, and also noted his main hobby to be ghoul extermination. He had a very cold and calculating approach to exterminating ghouls as shown when he was about to finish off Renji Yomo, and Yoshimura appeared suddenly; instead of panicking or attacking he merely greeted the ghoul. Arima was shown to respect the dead as he reprimanded Itsuki Marude when he talked ill about Mado after his death.

Despite his stoic demeanor, he was capable of forming friendships, he often borrowed books from Haise Sasaki, and Akira Mado described his feelings towards Sasaki as "parental love." Arima was also the type of person who complimented his ghoul opponents, an example being when he did so when Kaneki damaged his quinque, IXA. Surprisingly while dying he reveals he despised himself for killing ghouls. He admits how happy he is to have done something good by imparting his mission to depose V and become a symbol of hope for ghouls.


Motivation:"...Oh, I see... You're... It's raining. I don't know what the weather outside is when I'm below the surface. My sense of time also gets dull. But I know if it's raining outside from the sound of water... It'll be over soon. We're in V14. No 'ghoul' can pass through here. You can't go any further than 14.”
Ziele: kein konkretes
Neid: keins
Hass: Ghoule
Ängste: sich wieder an jemanden zu binden


Geburtsort: Tokyo
früheres Umfeld: seine Familie
„Leichen im Keller“: viele
Lebensgeschichte: folgt

We danced in the snow
Of a crystal December
In the dying of our souls
Our bodies were the only answer
Drunken survivors
Of a Christian nation
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Kishou Arima
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