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 Alice (AiW)

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Alice Kingsleigh

Alter: 17
Rasse: Mensch
Geschlecht: weiblich
Körperhaltung: aufrecht
Auffälligkeiten (Narben, Behinderung, Tatoos etc.): lange wellige, blonde Haare, trägt eher victorianische Kleidung, hat zwei Augenfarben, einmal Blau und einmal grün, wobei die grünen Augen nur zusehen sind, wenn ihre zweite Persönlichkeit herauskommt.
- Größe: unterschiedlich
- Gewicht: unterschiedlich
- Statur: eher schlank und feminin


- Partner: //
- Eltern: Charles und Helen Kingsleigh
- Geschwister: Magaret und Henry Kingsleigh, Lowell Manchester
Freunde: Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee und Tweedle Dumm, Humpty Dumty, White Knight,
Wohnort: Wonderland (zeitweise) Oxford
Vereine/Mitglied von: Wunderlandbewohner,
Wohnung/Haus: Haus in Oxford
Ansehen/Ruf: Königin des Wunderlands, die Auserwählte, die Verwirrte

Besonderheiten, Gewohnheiten

Hobbys: ins Wunderland reisen, in See stechen, Abenteuer erleben
(schlechte) Angewohnheiten: zweifelt oft an sich selbst
Talente: //
Phobien: //
hervorstechender Charakterzug: Alice ist eine sehr neugierige Person, die ihre Nase überall hineinsteckt. Dennoch ist sie auch sehr naiv und oft kann man sie dabei ertappen, wie sie mit sich selbst spricht. Zudem scheint sie sogar wirklich zwei Persönlichkeiten zu besitzen, ein schüchternes kleines Mädchen und eine sehr strenge aber schlaue Person. Sie redet oder eher diskutiert sehr sehr gerne mit sich selbst. Sie ist sehr besserwisserisch und noch mehr ist sie sehr stur und oft mal beleidigend wenn die „andere“ Alice spricht.
Sie scheint auch öfter mal verwirrt und nachdenklich. Desweiteren ist sie sehr aggressiv, wenn was ihr nicht passt.

Motivation: „Ich bin nicht verrückt…“
Ziele: bis jetzt keines
Wünsche: wieder ins Wunderland zu kommen
Neid: //
Hass: Die rote Königin, die Herzkönigin
Eifersucht: //
Ängste: //


Geburtsort: Oxford (?)
früheres Umfeld: immer mal wieder ihre Familie oder die Bewohner des Wunderlandes
„Leichen im Keller“: der Jabberwocky, paar Kartenwachen
Lebensgeschichte: One warm summer day, on a golden afternoon, on exactly May the 4th, Alice and her bookworm big sister went to relax and read next to a large tree under the cool shade on the flowery meadows by the river banks of London. The hot sun made Alice feel rather lazy and stupid. Even too sleepy to collect flowers to make a daisy chain to wear as a crown, and ever so bored by her sister's book because it had no pictures within it, Alice soon slipped into a midsummer day dream. Suddenly out of no where, she noticed a White Rabbit with large pink eyes who was dressed up in a fancy coat while carrying a pocket watch. To Alice, the rabbit seemed to be late for something significant as he rushed right by her in a panic. Filled with a great curiosity that she could not ignore, Alice quickly followed him to see where he was off to in such a hurry. When the Rabbit came to another tree nearby, he went down his dark rabbit-hole. Alice who was running after him followed the rabbit venturing inside of it as well. In the process, Alice accidentally lost her footing in the darkness, fell and tumbled down a long way into a tunnel-hole that went straight down into the ground below. Further and further she went, passing a numerous variety of random objects such as clocks and maps, furniture and books, even globes of the earth and containers of orange marmalade. Everything simply floated in it's place, stuck and levitating within the air. After thinking to herself for a rather long time and wondering if she would fall so deep that she'd reach the other side of the earth, Alice began to doze off. She was quickly awakened when she reached the bottom of this tunnel at last and continued her search for the late white rabbit. While looking for the rabbit Alice found herself in a endlessly long and dim hallway.The hallway had many doors. After looking in the hallway she discovered a curtain drapery and behind it was a little door. Alice opened the tiny door to see the loveliest garden on the other side. The garden was filled with gorgeous flowers, just in bloom, marble water fountains and even garden mazes. Alice tried to squeeze through but it was much too small to get through.
Alice then began to also search for a way into the garden. As the adventures got "curiouser and curiouser", Alice found herself in a bizarre realm, one of which that went against any type of civilized logic. She found a three legged glass table   that had a bottle marked "Drink Me." After conforming it is not posion, she drinks it and grows smaller. Delighted that she can now fit through the door, she is saddened to realize she left the key on the table. After failed attempts to retrive it, she finds a cake marked "Eat Me." After eating the whole thing, Alice is distraught as she grows to the size of a house.
Throughout the story, Alice encounters many curious things, such as finding a gray talking rat while swimming in a pool of her own tears. Or the talking flowers, or crying infants who turned into pigs. She eventually met a narcissistic blue caterpillar who smoked hooka all day long while he sat upon a mushroom waiting to turn into a butterfly. Alice also encountered a talking Cheshire Cat and even a very silly mad hatter who was forever stuck in his own world of a never-ending limbo of tea time.
Alice finally made her way into the Queen's rose garden at last. But there she encountered her royal Majesty of Wonderland the Queen of Hearts. She was a mean and controlling Queen with a cutthroat, sociopathic personality who dominated even the King who seemed terrified of her, as well as the rest of her royal subjects who resided within her red court. The Queen also forced her subjects to play unfair games of croquet with pink flamingos as mallets. The Queen cheated at these games to win every time, and everybody else let her, for when the Queen became angry or didn't get her way she would lose her temper at anyone over the slightest mistake. Such as someone eating her tarts. and she'd fiercely scream out loud: "OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!" And the unfortunate person, would be taken away to their fate of being beheaded. After Alice made the mistake of upsetting the red Queen, the poor girl ended up in a court of law with a jury full of funny talking animals. There, the people of Wonderland began to gang up on her and wanted to take her head. But Alice was not about to let herself be decapitated over such ridiculous rules.

She suddenly began to grow larger, and larger until her head hit the top of the ceiling. She was an enormous giant, overpowering the entire court and evoking death threats from the King and Queen. Ultimately, Alice lost her temper finally and screamed back at everyone around her below that they were all nothing but a silly pack of cards. This angered the court and they all turned on Alice under the red Queen's orders. Just as everyone was closing in on Alice and the pack of cards cornered her to seal her doom, she luckily woke up and found herself next to her older sister on the bank once again, assuming that it all was nothing more than a mere dream that she had dreamt on that warm summer day on that golden afternoon.
Alice's Adventures Through the Looking Glass & What She Found There
Our tale deals with a slightly older Alice, and happens indoors on a snowy, winter night exactly six months after her adventures in Wonderland, on November 4th. One random evening, Alice is bored as usual and is left all alone in a room inside her mansion home with no one for company but the soothing crackling of the fireplace. Sitting in a big grown up chair next to a window, Alice watched the snowflakes fall from the sky outside. Alice wishes to herself that she were old enough to join everyone else at the bonfire that is being held. Unable to go, Alice sulks about in a lethargic state. But her pet cat, Dinah on the other hand is now a mother cat of a litter consisting one black and one white baby kitten.
Looking at her own reflection in a large looking glass hung up upon the wall above a high mantel, Alice began wondering what life was like on the other side of this mirror. When she tried to enter the mirror, she found she could step right into it and enter the alternative world on the other side where everything was the opposite of what she was used to, even time in this realm ran backwards. Here, she quickly finds a book with looking-glass poetry, a story titled Jabberwocky, whose reversed printing on the pages can be read only by holding it up to the mirror.
Alice also observes that the chess pieces in the room have come to life, though they remain small enough for her to pick up. Suddenly she finds herself shrunken down several sizes. Then Alice meets the Red Queen. The Red Queen shows her a view of the countryside, which is divided into an enormous chessboard. Alice asks to be allowed to play in the giant living game of chess, and the Red Queen assigns her the role of White Pawn. Alice is to start in the Second Square, cross six brooks the divisions between squares, and end up in the Eighth Square, where she will become a Queen.
Alice met many new characters and beings. On her adventure she met the garden of live flowers, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the White Knight and even figures from Mother Goose's nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty. All while on her quest to reach the end of the
In the end, Alice finds herself growing back to her normal size again. She then picks up the Red Queen and shakes her like a salt shaker until the piece turns into a kitten. When this happens Alice suddenly awakens to find herself back in the original room of the looking glass. The story ends with Alice recalling the speculation of events and that everything may have, in fact, been a dream, yet Alice might herself be no more than a someone's dream or figment of someone else's imagination. One final poem is inserted by the author, Lewis Carroll as a sort of epilogue ending which suggests that life itself is but a dream.
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Alice (AiW)
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