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 The Administrator

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The Administrator

Alter: schon sehr sehr alt
Rasse: Mensch mit besonderen Fähigkeiten
Geschlecht: männlich
Körperhaltung: aufrecht
Auffälligkeiten (Narben, Behinderung, Tatoos etc.): er trägt immer einen schwarzen Anzug, hat sehr helle Haut, außerdem steht er immer im Schatten
- Größe: 193 cm
- Gewicht: 80 kg
- Statur: schlank, groß


- Partner://
- Eltern: keine
- Geschwister: keine
Freunde: keine
Bekannte: Ruvik, Laura, Sebastian, Julie, andere aus seiner Organisation
Wohnort: MOBIUS Hauptquartier
Vereine/Mitglied von: MOBIUS
Ansehen/Ruf: Leiter der MOBIUS Organisation, der Schwarze Mann

Besonderheiten, Gewohnheiten

Hobbys: seine Organisation leiten, andere unterdrücken, seine Ziele verwirklichen
(schlechte) Angewohnheiten: ist von sich so überzeugt das er sich überlegen gegenüber allen fühlt
Talente: Führungsqualitäten, übernatürliche Fähigkeit, wie zum Beispiel sein Schatten verändern oder durch Schatten wandern
Phobien: //
hervorstechender Charakterzug:
The Administrator witnessed is not necessarily the man he is in the real world nor it's unknown if he is actually a real person himself but rather an embodiment of Kidman's worst fears regarding MOBIUS. He is depicted as a tall, faceless and ruthless man obscured in darkness with his features almost never seen except his lower jaw witnessed by Kidman in his office and his face is finally seen before being shot at point-blank by the latter. A notable feature would be a scar on his left palm which signifies the MOBIUS indoctrination process which could explain his level of power over Kidman or other agents who have been similarly indoctrinated or why he never shows any identity.

It has been theorised that the Administrator is a virus within the STEM system designed by MOBIUS to test the loyalty of its agents. He was in fact implanted within STEM via Kidman's implantation into the system after her indoctrination. Like Ruvik within the Beacon Mental Hospital STEM, he has a level of control over reality inside STEM or the other possibility is he is just a malware within Kidman as he can only be seen be her and none of the other characters. In any case he does seem to represent what Kidman fears MOBIUS truly is; a shadowy and faceless organisation that treats its agents, even herself as expendable pawns.

The Administrator also values loyalty to himself and MOBIUS yet he is willing coerce that loyalty out of others. Prying on Kidman's fears and vulnerabilities, he reveals himself to be a cruel and manipulative individual as he attempts to either convince Kidman to complete her mission and acquire Leslie or die. The Administrator planned to use the fear of STEM to advance MOBIUS' control over the world, however, when he revealed the true purpose of Kidman being implanted in STEM and that she was an expendable pawn all along caused his death at the hands of Kidman herself.


Motivation: sich selbst
Ziele: eine friedliche Welt erschaffen
Wünsche: sein Ziel erreichen
(Tag-)Träume: //
Neid: keine
Hass: Leute die sich ihm und seinem Ziel in den Weg stellen
Ängste: keine


Geburtsort: unbekannt
früheres Umfeld: unbekannt
„Leichen im Keller“: schon sehr viele
Lebensgeschichte: folgt

Across the rolling open sea
Now I kiss and run through air, leave the past find nowhere
Floating forests in the air clowns all around you
Clowns are here to let you know where you let your senses go
Clowns all around you its a cross I need to bear
All this black and cruel is fair, this is an emergency
Don't you hide your eyes from me, open them and see me now
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The Administrator
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